The Irish Sleep Society is currently in the process of introducing voluntary accreditation to all those laboratories performing diagnostic sleep studies and also to those that provide treatment for sleep disorders. The Accreditation process was started in the summer of 2013, with the gathering of data from those laboratories working in the area of sleep medicine. To date we have received data from 90% of the laboratories in the country. There are some laboratories who have missed the deadline date for returning application forms, if you are currently working in one of these laboratories or if you feel you have been over looked please contact us at theirishsleepsociety@gmail.com and we will arrange to gather your laboratories information and have it added to the information we have already obtained from other laboratories.   With the information we have gathered from laboratories we will soon publish the minimum standards for laboratories conducting sleep studies. We do aim to ensure that all laboratories who conduct some sort of sleep testing include themselves in the voluntary accreditation programme. The aim of The Irish Sleep Society is to improve standards and provide help to laboratories working in sleep medicine. Please contact us if you have any questions at theirishsleepsociety@gmail.com   This page will be updated in the coming months with more information.
Cumann Codhladh na hÉireann